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The real estate market is going online more and more these days, and video tours are the best way to market your property! It gives home buyers a great way to view the wonderful aspects of your property, as if they were really there, on site. Whether they're out of state and can't visit in person or they just prefer the online experience, it's a great way to show off your home and all it has to offer.

SC Video Tour is your one stop shop for  real estate video tours!

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If you're looking for your new home, check out our "homes for sale" tab and start touring homes now!

Save the time and hassle of looking for homes in person without knowing what you're getting into first. SC video tour offers you a way to view the homes from the comfort of your own home or office! Get a better look at the home before you make an appointment and spend your time traveling to a home you may not like in person. Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but video really brings it to life!


If you are selling a home and are looking for a great way to market, order a video tour today!

How does it work?

Once we receive your order we will call or email you and make an appointment to have one of our specialist come out to take a professional video of your home. Then we take that video and edit it - adding specialized narration for your property, to highlight the special things about your unique property. You are in control here! Tell us what you want to highlight and we will add it for you! Once the video is edited, we will send you two links to your video, and we will host it on our site as well!Check out our "Gallery" tab to see what we're made of!


When you order a video tour, you get two videos - one that is "branded" and one that is "un-branded" 

What do we mean, "branded" and "un-branded"?

If you're a real estate agent marketing your listings, your branding will be added to the video - your contact information, company logo and picture. Advertise your services as a real estate agent at the same time you marketing your listings!

If you are "For Sale by Owner" we can brand your video with the personalized contact information you provide, so anyone viewing the video can contact you about buying the home.


The un-branded video is simply the video tour without the personalized contact information at the begining. Most real estate agents can use this type of video to post on their local MLS, since laws require there be no company names on videos in the MLS.

If you are "For Sale by Owner" you can use the un-branded video when you prefer a more private form of marketing, and don't want to put your personal information out on the web. This way you have control of what you're sharing and what other people see!


Once you have your video tour links, you can market like a pro!

Social media and online interaction is really where the business is at these days! Share your video on your personal blog, on facebook, twitter, google plus, youtube...anywhere you can imagine! The possibilities are endless!! Go on now and market like a pro!

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